Aquarius people are blessed with the quality of being able to carry anything that comes their way when it comes to dressing. They are not the biggest fashion icons nor do they experiment a lot like other sun signs. These free-thinking Aquarius will never be under pressure to be wear something according to the latest fashion trends. In fact the like to create trend themselves.


These people can shift from one style to another and still manage to look good. Aquarius guys won’t take much of a risk in their dressing in their professional life. The colors which goes well with these guys can be anything ranging from beige, white,brown and different shades of blue.


They will look at their best when they don’t try to go over the top with their clothing. Well fitted shirts and formals are their go-to dresses. Black trousers, grey or silver shade of trousers can also go well with these guys.


They prefer to stay classy rather than flashy. Even casually, you won’t find them experimenting much with their dressing. Old pair of denim jeans and those checkered shirts are their all time favorites. Pairing it with beige or brown loafers can prove to be a great fashion statement for these guys.


If and only if formal dressing is needed, they will opt for it or most of the times they prefer casual dressing as they are most comfortable in it and also look at their best.


Aquarius women are great at dressing according to the latest fashion trends. Aquamarine and Turquoise are the best colors which suits them. Most of these women also love these colors a lot. Aqua babe also looks great with jewellery and girly accessories.


These women are boho chics and they love and would also look great in fancy t-shirts, wide legged jeans, shorts, hipsters, flouncy skirts and off shoulder tops. They are so creative in their dressing that they will love a handloom saree and at the same time they will love to wear a skimpy noodle strap dresses.


Even accesories like bracelets, anklets, silver bangles, floral chappals, artistic and dangling chandeliers and long boots can be carried on very nicely with Aquarius women. These things can prove to be their finest fashion statements too.


Aqua babes always look out for something unique, different and quirky when it comes to their fashion. Contemprary patterns, new age digital patterns, zig zag prints, pixelated prints and hippy styles go well in their clothing and can prove to be their biggest fashion statements.

Paris Hilton arrives at the Charbel Zoe Haute Couture LA Flagship Store Opening

Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, Isabelle Lucas, Oprah Winfrey are all Aquarians who are known for their unique and quirky dressing sense making them one of the biggest fashion icons of the world.

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