Aries are bold, confident and dynamic personalities. It is but natural that these traits will show up in their dressing too. They like to dress well and wear bright and peppy colors like Plain Red, Black and white being their top colors.


Deep blood red is the color which is often associated with Aries people. The color actually symbolizes their underlying passion and enthusiaism they possess towards everything they do in their life. At the same time they need something to calm them down, hence colors like pink, golden and yellow can also work with them.


When it comes to Aries man, they are definitely not the worst dressers. They do have the ability to make statement through their dressing. In fact they believe in power dressing all the time.


When it comes to work, profession or going to office you will always find an Aries man neatly dressed in the best formals. They also make sure that the clothes they wear are well fitting and looks good on them. A Red or a Black shirt is their favorite go-to shirt along with great pair of black or beige trousers.


Even when they are casually sitting at home with friends you will always find them to be the most attractive wearing those checkered boxers, the in-trend trackpants and those cute t-shirts. Aries men are blessed with the quality of looking good in whatever they carry. Hence it is not a tough task for them to dress well.


When it comes to Aries women, they are fiery, bold and passionate. Their dressing is equally dynamic and unique. She will be the one who will be running through the stores tapping her credit card. She shops like crazy and when sales are going on, she has hundreds of shops to conquer.



Bold patterns can go great with Aries women as it represents their bold nature and confidence. It also reflects their free-spirited nature and independence.


The best pattern which goes with an Aries woman is Aztec as they suit the spirit of the print perfectly. The warrior inside them suits this ardent energy of the pattern very nicely. It also reflects their peppiness and bubbly nature.


In reality, Aries women can carry any patterns including camouflage but Aztec is the one which goes best. Floral prints, gowns and a black statement one-piece will always make them look sexy. Red gowns, black one-piece and teaming it up with blingy silver stilettos will make them look heavenly.


Even casually, they can look hot in those blue denims or hot-shots teaming it up with yellow tees or strap backs. Generally the black color rules Aries women. It is their all time favorite color. Their real power color just like their male counterparts in Deep Red and will represent their warm energy as well as act as a fabulous statement.



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