Cancer people are subtle, sensitive and down to earth. They are very low profile and casual in their life. These qualities of theirs reflects in their dressing too. They will always go for comfortable and soft clothing with light colors. They are not the over the top, blingy or flashy type of people. They will always go for soft and sensuous materials.


They also look for elegance rather than looking funky. Off white, grey, silver, cool blue, light pink are some of the colors that goes well these people. They are the ones who prefer to stay classy all the time.


Light blue and light pink shirts teaming it up with blue denims and brown loafer can do wonders for these guys. Even in their formal attire, they can opt for light colored shirts,brown beige or black trousers and a light shade of matching tie.


Even in their casual outing or when they are at home, they can wear a nice set of sports pants in light shades teaming it up with cool printed or graphic t-shirts. Anything blingy is a must no for these guys.


Tight fitting clothes, tight neck shirts or any clothes which can prove to be uncomfortable are not the ones to be preferred by these guys. They believe in dressing to the occasion and create a good impression. Hence they will never falter in their dressing be it in their personal or professional life. The males look at their best and most confident in formal shirts, off white or white long kurtas or clothes in lighter shades.


When it comes to women, they are exactly like their male counterpart who will prefer soft, sensous and comfortable clothing. Dresses that they can wear for hours without feeling uncomfortable are their favorite ones. They also like vintage and artistic dressing.


Cancer women love to dress in layers. They love to be feminine and wear cute girly dresses rather than any sort of fashion which is androgyny. Soft fabrics with less detailing of embroidery and lace works are the ones which suits them.They would also look great in boot-cut jeans, peep toe heels in shades of white color. These women also prefer white and blue tops a lot.


Accessories like pearl and silver also goes great with them. Even though they don’t like to over accessorize but they do like a touch of elegance with some great earrings or a vintage brooch or even a elegant watch.


Knee length skirts, feminine blouses, light colored kurtis, tops and occasionally hot shots can be their best fashion statements. Vintage jewellery, collectibles, little but elegant accessories are also a must have in their wardrobe.


Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger, Michelle Rodriguez are some of the famous cancerians who are also great fashion icons.

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