Capricorn is one such sun sign in the zodiac which is very serious about their fashion and dressing. They are the ones who always love to dress and create a good first impression. They prefer to stay classy and elegant rather than go overboard with their dressing.


These people are very earthy and they like to dress according to what the occasion demands. They may also go flashy and blingy at times. The Capricorn guys are quite traditional and conservative in their fashion and they don’t experiment much. Rather they stick to the tried and rested formulas for everyday dressing.


The guys do have a tendency to look drab and boring at times because of their monotonous and traditional approach towards dressing. They will never go over the top when it comes to their professional life or while going to office.


Plain formals, nice fitting trousers in shades of black and brown goes well with these guys. They also have a weakness for watches. An elegant piece of designer watch and a men ring may also prove to be a great fashion statement for Capricorn Guys.


They can also try sheer black kurtas or kurtas with embroidery work, pathanis for family occasions. Red, sky blue and faux brown are the colors which can go well with these guys. They may not be the most experimentative following the latest fashion trends but they will always turn out well dressed.


Capricorn women are always found to be enjoying the latest fashion trends. They like to get attention through their fashion. Capricorn women likes rhinestones and glitz, it also suits them. They are huge lovers of designer and luxurious clothing. They like everything to be branded. They will never go out in open in sweatpants unless its designer or branded stuff.


They like to flaunt, expensive handbags and jewellery can be their most preferred fashion statements.Black, grey and charcoal brown are the best colors which suits Capricorn women and their fashion sense. Olive and Deep moss green are also one of their favorite hues which can make them look stunning.


Capricorn women also love to wear draped skirts and sarees. They can also carry anything nicely right from that figgure hugging jeans and tees to that one piece for the night party. They have this innate sense of choosing the right clothes for the right occasion. Hence you will hardly find them falter in their fashion sense.


The fashion for these women is classy and elegant. Soft white fabrics, delicate handiwork, luxurious watches and handbags, designer one-piece and pumps are their biggest style statements showing their sexiest avatar.


Michelle Obama, Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, Kate Bosworth, Vanessa Paradis, Lily Cole, January Jones are some of the biggest style icons in the world with Capricorn sun sign.




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