aaseGeminis are born with dual personalities. You can expect different things from these people everyday. They can be casual and chic one day while you will find them all decked up and flashy the other day. Add to it they are experimental and have an eclectic nature which means they will experiment a lot with their dressing and colors.


The striking aspect of these people is they have an outfit ready for every occasion. They will literally try to look at their best for every occasion. The Gemini men are highly experimental and they like different sort of colors in their wardrobe.


Colors like dark brown, black and red are the ones which goes with Gemini guys. But since they have dual natures, you may also find them trying out lighter shades some other days.


Most of the time, these guys manage to dress well. Be it for any occasion, professional life or personal life. Kurtas with dark colors and good embroidery works, Dark black suits or pathanis can never be ignored by these guys.


Similarly when it comes to formal dressing, they will go for different colors right from pink, red, brown, black and white. In casual outings too, graphic printed tees or bright colored t-shirts, shoes with eccletic mix of colors from the usual ones can be their style statements.


When we talk about Gemini women, their fashion sense is as dynamic and creative as the person they are.These women totally love youth oriented funky styles and mix of colors. Velvet evening gown or blue tie tuxedo shall be their finest fashion statements.


They will also look sexy in tight-fitted denims and tank tops. These women love their hands and they like bracelets, rings, handbags, watches and cute girly accessories. Capri tops, racer back tees and funky clothes also look god on them. Geminis also have a great weakness or fetish for designer purses and handbags.
asdxThese women/girls are bubbly, bouncy, bright and cheerful. Hence Yellow color and polka dots goes really well with these women. Spots will never go out of fashion with Gemini women as it exudes their charm and energy.


Cute-shorts in soft fabrics, yellow colored tees, sexy tight jeans, Boots, watches, handbags and bracelets are their biggest fashion statements and they look at their best when they adorn these things. Even for the parties, they can opt for tight black one piece teaming it up with silver studs and silver or white colored heels. They can even sport a Red or a dark green kurti or salwar kameez to look at their sexiest avatar.


One of the most famous Gemini fashion icons are Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Lana Del Ray, Courtney Cox amongst others adoring the world with their acute and innate fashion sense.


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