Leo people outgoing, bold, confident and they get and love attention wherever they go. These qualities will reflect in their dressing sense too where they will larger than life approach towards fashion. They have this great ability to select the most relevant clothes depending on the occasion.


They are also blessed with the ability to look goo
d on anything they carry. Even a simple vest and a old denim would look sexy on them because of their charm and magnetic personality. Leo guys puts equal emphasis on price, quality as well as colors when it comes to buying clothes for themselves.


Just like their bubbly and outgoing personality, Leo guys love bright colors. Red,dark cherry, contrasting colors like black and white, dark blue, yellow, orange or even gold can look stunning with these guys. They will always go for the dark shades, be it their personal or professional life.


Dark colored plain shirts, a suit, a jacket with low cuts and large rounded lapels, dark brown shoes, Red and white ties and dark black or blue trousers goes well with these guys. It can also be their biggest fashion statements.


These guys though colorful in their dressing and wardrobe prefers to stay elegant and classy rather than being trashy or over the top. They also like luxurious and expensive things to splurge on. A great timepiece and a ring can also prove to be their essential style statements.


When it comes to the Leo women, they have a deep connection with colors like gold, tangerine yellow, orange and red. They also look for relaxed clothing rather than following the latest fashion fads.


Royal and regal prints, crest patterns and Baroque touches are the best patterns or designs which compliments the radiant nature of Leo women. Any fabrics that feature embroidery work or embellishments can make them look really stunning.


Neck and breast lines are often symbolized as Leo women’s core fashion. Yellow or any bright colored skirts, bright graphic tees teaming it up with sexy jeans, blingy footwear like the Christian Loubotins or from Gucci, strap backs, gold ornaments like earpiece, neckpiece and even bracelets goes really well with a Leo women. Celestially inspired zodiac jewellery, cosmic clutches, stunning scarves can also be great fashion statements for these women.


She is the one who can spend insane amounts on shopping trying out the most fashionable and luxurious items in the mall. She will be the one who will be trying out hundreds of dresses and even buy most of them after looking at herself in the mirror.


Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce are some of the biggest fashion icons in the world with Leo sun signs. You will always find them with the most attractive and luxurious dressing making style statements around the world.


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