When it comes to fashion, they are perfectionists. They are in fact the fashion icons and  people look up to them. They like to experiment with their clothes and try out new and different things. They will never even leave a strand of hair out of place when it comes to overall dressing and fashion.


They like to add subtle elements and balance their outfits like no one else can. These people are naturally attarcted towards pastel colors especially light colors. The all time favorite colors which goes well this people are grey and silver. They like to keep things classy.


It is rightly said that Libra is the fashion guru amongst all the zodiac signs. They never fail to impress with their fashion and always manage to make heads turn with their fashion statement. They take fashion quite seriously, hence they are choosy to pick items for themselves. They also have a penchant for high end and expensive items for their fashion.


When it comes to man, these guys make sure that there is always a change and creativity in their dressing. They don’t like monotonous dressing, be it their professional life or personal.


The guys like to experiment a lot with their shirts and t-shirts trying out different shades of colors and printed t-shirts. They are more elegant than trashy and look best when they wear light colored shirts like grey, silver and team it up with great pair of trousers or denims.

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These guys will also experiment a lot with their t-shirts, boxers and almost everything and still manage to look good. They like casual clothing most of the time. A good pair of loafers with a light colored shirt and a sandwashed denim will prove to be a great fashion statement for a Libra guy.

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When it comes to women, they are the ultimate fashionistas. They like high end brands and love to pamper themselves with the latest clothing.


A well fitted jeans and cute tops will always go well with a Libra women as it suits their easy going attitude and cheerful personality. She will also look fantastic with statement making accessories like a great bag or a elegant watch rather than loads of make-up.

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A fruit flavored lip gloss, minimal jewellery are one of her major obsessions and also her biggest secrets to making style statements. Perfumes are also a major obsession and weakness for a libra women. Especially elite perfumes with lots of feminine touch goes well with these women.

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Fashion items for Libra women includes delicate linens, pretty floral feminine pastel dresses and tops, body suits, sheer and elegant blouses, body fitting clothes, tight denims, lean and cute pantsuits, beaded garments, short skirts and classic trench coats to name a few. There is no denying the fact that Libra people are the most fashion concuous people amongst all the zodiac signs. Kate Winslet, Candice Swapenoel, Lady Gaga are some of the major examples.



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