To start with, Pisces is regarded as one of the most glamorous sun signs in the zodiac. Pisces are calm, sensitive and easy going people. They are cool and free-spirited by nature and this qualities reflect in their dressing too. They have a very comfortable and casual approach towards fashion.


Their fashion sense can be described as fabulous, fluid and free flowing. All the colors of the sea starting from blue to seafoam colors suit them the best. Even lavender and green colors go great with Pisces people. From silvers to soft sea greens, you will always find them in calm watery colors.


When it comes to guys, they will look at their sexiest best in water blue shirts, light pink t-shirts or shirts and great pair of casual trousers. They have a great sense of matching things, hence they manage the best casual look.


Even for their professional life, they will go for the dapper suits in blue, grey, silver or any light colored shade but not the dark ones like black, red or white. They can team it up with a great blue or light purple ties with it.


Pastel shirts that button and classic pants and formal shoes will never go out of fashion for these guys now will it look over the top. Pants should be either khakhi brown, blue or black. They will mostly prefer comfortable blue jeans if pants are not compulsorily needed. Cotton blend and cotton silk fabrics, good quality shirts and a collar that is not fit in the neck goes well with these guys.


When it comes to women, they are the ultimate fashion queens and very glamorous. The classiest outfits which exudes elegance are the ones which goes well with these women. They are mermaids and have deep inclination towards colors related to water. They are also inclined towards artistic and interesting buys for their dressing.


Mermaid blue, purple, gorgeous green are the colors which best suits these women. Free flowing fashion suits them the most. Nautical dressing with stripes and seaside touches goes well with them and makes for a great fashion statement.


A blue maxi dress, Sea green one piece, pastels with artistic prints, light colored shoes and pumps mostly white,purple, water blue or pink, strappy sandals, short gold jackets, graphic sweaters, sea green winter coat, girly dresses and floral head pieces suits Pisces women the most and can prove to be great fashion statements.


Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Jennifer love hewitt, Elizabeth Taylor are some of the great examples of Pisces fashionistas and glam queens scorching the world with their great fashion and unique sense.



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