Scorpions are serious, intense and very passionate for every thing in life. They are deep and highly intense in every aspect of life. These characteristics will reflect in their way of dressing too.


They have great inclination towards dark colors like black and Red. Black is their all time favorite color and compliments their personality quite well. Scorpio men dresses to seduce and they never fail at making a statement through their power dressing.


Plain causal shirts, black shirts, whites, dark shades of black and blue pants, dark black or dark brown shoes are all favorite for these guys and compliments them quite well. Be it in their personal life or professional, they will always go for dark clothing.


Even for the occasions, dark sherwanis, black pathanis, red kurtas can look excellent on them complimenting their personality. Plain polo t-shirts, jerseys, plain formals which suits their body well, Well fitted jeans, biker boots, police boots can prove to be great fashion statements for these guys.


The main aspect of a Scorpion guy’s dressing is comfortable dressing. They prefer dark colors but that does not make them over the top with their dressing. In fact their eyes are so dark and intense that the they overpower their dark dressing all the time. Even though they follow fashion trends, but they won’t sacrifice their comfort ever. If given an option they will always be in their casual attire all the time. They also love elegant watches which are sturdy and durable. A great timepiece with unmatched quality can also make a great fashion statement for them.


Scorpio women are the most elegant and classiest dressers amongst all the zodiac signs. They look for the highest quality and they love brands and expensive stuff. They have a great and varied collection of super sexy one-pieces, designer clothing as well as plain colors. Bright prints are not found much with these women.


Carmine, Maroon, Red, Crimson, blood red, oxblood hues, dark purple are the best colors which compliments these gorgeous women. These colors clearly conveys the sentiments, deep emotions and qualities of Scorpio women.


Dark one pieces, silver heels, peep toes, gold jewellery, black suits with matching black or purple high heels, statement dark colored handbags, sexy hot shorts, black polka dots jumpsuit, plain tees are all the things which goes extremely well for these women making them look more sexy.


Smoky eyes, dark shades of lipstick, nude make-up, dark aztec prints or floral prints in black and white, silver earrings, a elegant feminine gold watch, red jackets, red, black or blue Indian sarees or punjabi dresses like salwar kameez will also do wonders for Scorpio women and will help in accentuating their personality.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Zeenat Aman, Kendal Jenner, Katy Perry, Demi Moore, Helen, Sushmita Sen are some of the global fashion icons with Scorpio sun signs.


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