Taurus are emotional, stable and sensuous bulls. For them Fashion is all about comfortable dressing and luxury. They don’t like to be over the top or flashy in their fashion. They are quite the under dogs when it comes to fashion but that does not undermine their acute sense of fashion.

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The bull tends towards classic colors and plain bold colors too. Silk, bamboo and natural fibers will look great and comfortable to Taurus people. Their clothes will be full of earthy colors and soft earth tones which will never go out of style. Colors like brown, dark brown, beige and cream colored pastels are also all time favorites with Taurus people especially the guys.


They like things which are finely made and possess high quality. Hence they won’t be shy of paying a premium for good products. When it comes to formal dressing for office or their professional life. They stick to the basics. A well fitted beige or a classic black trouser along with light colored or brown shirts fitting perfectly to their bodies will be a great style statement. Dark brown or brown shoes or loafers will also work for them.


These men prefer very comfortable and casual clothing and have a casual approach towards fashion. They will always prefer comfortable fabrics and bright colors with happy shades in their closet.


When it comes to casual dressing, plain shirts with a great pair of denims and spunky loafers also works as a great statement for these guys. Since they are associated with bulls, they will also look good in classic woodland rugged sports shoes.


When it comes to Taurus women, they go for nothing but the best. You will find them in the top departmental stores vouching for the most luxurious piece of clothing. Pink, Blue and juicy colors like orange and violet goes really hand in hand with a Taurus women.


A velvet or a wollen jacket, a classic suit with a skirt or trousers, a fabric made with a brilliant surface, sheer tops, statement accessories like elegant beaded necklace are all worthy fashion statements for these women.


Taurus women also looks stunning in floral patterns which can either be tiny flowers or big and blossoming. Flower power is the word which goes with these women as well as being the latest fashion trend on catwalks this season.


A maxi with a floral print in stunning pastel shades can be a great fashion statement for them too. A red one piece with stunning silver pumps will also showcase the bull elements in a Taurus women. They like to stay comfortable in their clothing and thats the way they look and approach at fashion.


A butt-hugging denim with casual tees along with pink flip-flops are also the favorite style statements of Taurus women. Miranda Kerr, Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett are some of the famous Taurus Fashionistas.

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