Virgos are perfectionists, they want everything in their life to be in order. They strive for excellence all the time. For them dressing is more fun than creating a good impression on someone. They do end up making a good impression too. They like to experiment with different styles and colors.


Their selection of clothes is very rational and though they would love to experiment they will never take risks with their fashion choices. They focus a lot on the quality of materials and can make out the skills of the tailor just by feeling the cloth and design of the fabric. They take keen interest in the quality and the processing of the material.


Colors like grey, sand beige, striking brown compliments the persona of Virgo. It also goes well with their dressing. Virgo guys look great in their casual avatar. A simple pair of Levi’s pairing it with a cool tee and loafers can be their go-to dressing.


Checkered shirts, Flip flops, ripped jeans, casual shirts or t-shirts goes best with Virgo guys. Even if they want to dress up for a occasion. A finely tailored suit, kurta with dark shades of Red, brown and white compliments a lot with these guys.


Earthy elements and natural fabrics like cotton, jute, linen along with solid colors goes best with these guys. Deep forest green, deep rust, off-white are also the colors which can go well with these guys. When it comes to their professional life, they will always go for practical choices which will be admired by the people rather than eye catching stuff. Plain formals and leather
strap watches with black shoes can be their perfect look for office.


Virgo women are very glamorous and creative in their dressing. They can adopt different styles everyday and still manage to look good. Soft browns, almond color, black, walnut, beige and hazelnut colors can do wonders for them. It is also one of their preferred favorite colors. Olive, tans and shades or green are also occasionally preferred.


Virgos love prints and patterns. The best prints which compliments them is paisley print which has earthy tones and tiny artistic details. Their love for prints is unmatched and they can basically carry any prints.


Subtle and feminine jewellery with earthy qualities, artistic pieces and sophisticated jewellery looks stunning on them.  Crop tops, jumpsuits, skirts with paisley prints or artistic patterns on them look stunning. They can even go for hot shorts in cotton fabrics or light colored denims.


Almost all rainbow colors compliments Virgo, they also like small ornaments which should not necessarily be expensive, fabrics with small drawings, beaded ornaments can also prove to be their biggest fashion statements.


Rachel Bilson, Salma Hayek, Nicole Ritchie, Florence Welch, Rachel Zoe are some of the Virgo celebrities stunning
the world with their fashion sense.

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