Sagittarius are bold, passionate and they like experimenting in their life. They get bored easily, hence they constantly need new things to keep themselves up.They are outspoken individuals and hence they are not shy of trying out new styles. They have a chic and versatile approach towards fashion.


They are optimists and have a positive outlook and that itself will reflect in their dressing too. When it comes to men, they never tend to fail with their dressing be it their personal life or professional life.


The Sag men’s dressing is distinct, sporty and they don’t like to follow trends. In fact they tend to create their individuality through their fashion choices. They like solid and dark colors like brown, dark blue and maroons. Any colors with dark shades goes extremely well with these guys.


Vintage shirts in Khaki, Plaid shirts, brown checkered shirts, black or blue pants, jackets, cool blue jeans, scarves and trench coats are a must haves for these guys to make a great fashion statement. Teaming it up with brown, beige, dark brown or black casual or formal shoes can also do wonders for them.


Leather shoes, loafers, sports shoes, espadrilles, tennis shoes are also the favorites for these guys and it also suits them really well. They are very creative and experimentative in their dressing and they strive to present themselves as a modern day well dress man.


Sag women are one of the most fashion conscious women you will come across. She will be jumping from one shop to another and will shop till her credit gets empty. Just like their male counterparts they are always willing to be creative and experimenting with their fashion.


Colors like maroon, crimson , purple and any shades in dark hues goes extremely well with these women. They are also their favorite colors. The daily wear of a Sag women will always have colors like yellow, white and cream in their wardrobe.


Cream top matched with khaki, dark red top with high heels, or dark shirt with white pants and pumps along with feminine aviators compliments them a lot. For them shirts and tunics can be the best choices, especially in light shades or purple.


Sexy jeans, sweaters, tees, sweatpants, shorts and capris are also their go-to dressing which suits them really well. Floral and animal prints are also their all time favorites and always manages to make them look sexy.


Elegant off-shoulder dresses, one piece in darker shades of red, blue or black can also make them look extremely classy and help them make a impactful fashion statement. When it comes to accessories, the simply just love it. They have a large assortment of girly and feminine accessories. Sandals, shoes, flats, bellies, heels, gladiators and peep toes matches their fashion sense a lot.


Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears are some of the major examples of Sag Women wooing the world with their style.

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