1. Aquarius men are very interesting and exciting characters, they are totally unpredictable. they will be full of surprises. You can never expect or predict an Aquarius’s nature or how they gonna react to certain situations. Hence dating an Aquarius will be fun and exciting hardly lacking any dull moments.


2. These guys are also known for giving their girlfriend the space she craves for in a relationship. If you are dating an Aquarius guy he will give you total freedom and he will also respect your independence. You will simply love this quality in your Aquarius guy.



3. Aquarius guys are also very experimental and unpredictable in nature, so don’t be surprised if you are suddenly taken to a wild date which includes things which you may have never dreamt of If you are dating an Aquarius guy, you will never feel dominated or controlled by him, it’s like teamwork together and he will also give you enough space to take decisions on your own rather poking in every matters of your life.



4. Another reason to date an Aquarius guy is that he is very secure about himself and he is not the one who will get over possessive or jealous without any reason.These guys are also very funny by nature and they have a good sense of humour, as a result you will hardly have a dull moment with an Aquarius guy. He is always gonna make you laugh even on his silliest of jokes which may appear to be funny. In fact this is one of the most attractive qualities in an Aquarius guy which makes women crave.


5. These guys are also very loyal while dating, they are not going to flirt with another woman till they are dating you. They believe in commitments and relationship, so if you are dating an Aquarius guy, just feel secured about this aspect.

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6. The best quality of an Aquarius guy is that he is very helping and generous by nature which makes him more adorable to the woman. He will always lend you a helping hand and no matter what he will always try to pay the bills because he will treat you like a princess for sure.

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7. Another reason why you should date an Aquarius guy is because they are highly optimistic and positive individuals, they will always motivate you and assure you everything’s gonna be alright during the tough times. Be it while dating or just a casual friendship, these guys are always known to spread their positive vibes.

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8. The last but not the least, these guys are charismatic and charming people, you will get floored by their never ending charm and their charismatic nature. They are always a good company to be with and they are naturally impressive and attractive. So if you are dating an Aquarius guy, you are surely going to have some great moments together.

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