1. An Aquarius woman is very hard working and ambitious woman in life, she has goals and she works towards it. She is the kind of woman who gets what she wants. She is dedicated at whatever things she does in life and that even includes her personal life. So if you are basically looking for such kind of a date, you surely know, Aquarius woman is just perfect for you.


2. An Aquarius woman will literally bring positivity in your life as she is one of the most optimistic and encouraging people you can ever come across. They are very supportive to their loved ones and will always encourage you and push you to do things in which you are stuck at. When you are in a need of an ego boost, you exactly know whom you should count on.


3. She has a playful humor like a little child filled with positive vibes, you will always enjoy her company, her positivity will even spread on you and you will soon realize how good a person she is in real life.


4. An Aquarius woman is very practical and straightforward, she is never going to mince words when she wants to express or convey something, she will always tell you straight in your face.

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5. An Aquarius woman believes in taking life as it comes and she goes with flow, she does not thinks much or gets tensed about the future, she believes in enjoying the moment and this applies even while she is dating or when she is in a relationship.


6. She can also be very naughty and kinky and you should never under estimate her as she can be quite a player. If she likes someone she will do anything to woo that guy as she can seduce with her moves and she has the tricks of the trade in her arsenal.


7. An Aquarius woman is very determined individual and she works hard as much she parties, she is very committed and hard working and she is independent about her choices and lifestyle. She is firm and confident about her opinions.


8. An Aquarius woman is very generous and has a very big heart, she will quickly forgive and end the fight as she does not like fights or arguments with her loved ones. She is basically a woman with less drama and less emotions, so if you are in search of a girl with less drama, you know whom you should date! She is also a very loyal friend and she will always show her love and loyalty as and when the time comes to reveal that side.


9. An Aquarius woman is a very discerning friend too! she will always be through the thick and times when their friends needs them the most. She will always encourage and support them and will come out with solutions to bring them out of the mess. You should surely consider yourself lucky if you are dating an Aquarius woman.





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