1. Aries guys are born romantic people, they will express their love in more than one way to make you feel special and once they love you, they won’t give a fuck to what the world has to say about you. It doesn’t matter to him.


2. These guys are very charismatic, energetic and they are full of passion, so a date with Aries is bound to be interesting and rest assured, there will never be a dull moment while you are with an Aries guy.


3. These guys are a bundle of energy and very expressive, above that they have a great sense of humor. You will always be laughing or having fun when you are with an Aries guy. Even without any efforts, they will manage to bring a smile on your face or tickle your bones.


4. Aries guys are very generous by nature, they are also chivalrous, so if you are dating a Aries guy, he will never or will hardly allow you to pay on dates, they will without a hesitation buy you things which can bring a smile on your face, even though those things may burn his pocket.


5. They are a sport, whether you ask them to go for a skydiving trip or waking up midnight just to meet up, they are never going to tell you a no on a single thing you ask for.


6. An Aries guy is a good conversationalist, they can go on for nights without sleeping and they will keep chatting with you for endless hours and will also listen to you as long as you wanna talk since they are good listeners too.


7. They are very spontaneous and risk takers by nature, be it bunking the class just for his girl to go on a date or a movie, meeting up at 1 am just because you need him at that moment or going on a road trip with you and telling home that it’s a college trip. They will do anything for you and you will never get bored with them, in fact you gonna start loving your Aries guy more as and when the time passes.


8. Aries guys are one of the most flexible personalities you can gel with, Not only will they bond well with your family and friends unlike you, they will also be comfortable with anyone you introduce him to.


9. Aries guys knows to give her girl the space she needs, he will never say you a no or get upset if you wanna go a girls night out rather than going on a date with him or if you wanna go a trip with your college friends.


10. Aries Guys are though bubbly and energetic from outside, their love is deep and intense and that only a person who has spent time with him can understand. A phase comes with these guys in a relationship you can talk or express your feelings with them merely on eye contact or facial expressions.



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