1. If you are the sensitive and emotional type of a girl who craves for deep relationships, than dating a Cancer guy will be a perfect match for you as these guys are the most sensitive, understanding and emotional creatures in the zodiac. These guys are very soft hearted and sensitive people who will love their partner with full passion and loyalty.


2. Another reason why you should date a Cancer guy is because they are very passionate human beings, be it while you guys are dating or the physical intimacy, these guys will show great passion through which you will get more attracted towards him.


3. Cancer guys are also a hit amongst the woman because of their romantic nature, they are highly romantic people who believe in love and the old world school of romance. Be it gifting you a bouquet of rose or a poem written by him, just don’t be surprised if your Cancer guy does this while you guys are dating.


4. These guys are also very faithful and honest not only in their dating or relationship but also as a person. They are straightforward and practical people and they believe in being honest towards their partner.


5. Another reason why you should date a cancer guy is because they are very sensitive by nature, as a result he will always be sensitive towards your needs and will always try to understand your problems and what you are going through.


6. Cancer guys are also very calm and silent people and they avoid arguments and conflicts for silly reasons and girls like men who don’t enter into fights and instead solve matter with peace. He is the type of guy who is not going to flaunt his biceps and boast about his influence, instead he will say sorry and just move on with a fight.


7. These guys are the ultimate family guys, they believe in spending nights with you on Netflix with some popcorn in the bedroom snuggling instead of partying with a bunch of friends at a nightclub. In fact this is a major reason why you should date a cancer guy because he is a homebody.


8. You should also date a Cancer for his protective nature and his ability to make others feel good and pampered. If you are dating a cancer guy he will try to make you feel at ease and comfort you every moment you are with him. These guys are also very helping and they would surely go out of their way to help someone who expects him to be by his side.


9. The last but not the least, one of the important reasons why you should date a cancer guy is because of their loyalty, honesty and faithfulness. These guys are loyal like hell when they are dating someone or when they are into a relationship and they will never hide anything from you.



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