1. A Cancer woman is full of substance and tenderness, she is a very sensitive and soft hearted person and falls in love deeply with someone. If you are actually looking for something serious, you should date a Cancer woman as they are one of the most faithful lovers amongst all the signs in the zodiac.


2. Another reason why you should date a Cancer woman is because these women are literally born lovers and they are not fighters for sure. They have a very calm demeanour about themselves and they will never take a fight, in fact even if you pick one with them, they will resolve it in a peaceful manner and forget it.


3. These women are soft hearted and super sensitive, they will understand each and every problems you are going through, will listen to your stuff and also help you come out of it as it is in their inborn nature to be sensitive towards others and especially the people they love.


4. One of the major reasons why you should date these women is because Cancer woman are found to be extremely fun to hang out with, they are all girly and goofy and you will never have a dull moment with them while you guys are dating.


5. A Cancer woman is a soft hearted person plus they are tender and very sensitive, they like kissing and cuddling a lot, so if you are a guy who loves intimacy these girls are just the perfect date bet for you as you will get lots of hugs and kisses as well as those lazy cuddles.

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6. A Cancer woman believes in loyalty and commitment, once you have gained her trust, she will never leave your side, even if you are in the deepest troubles, she will never leave your side. She will be right up there standing with you and holding your hands firmly.


7. It is said that a Cancer woman are born chef, they are really good cooks!! Hence if you date this gorgeous women out there, they will surely pamper you with their handmade chocolates or a cake or even your favourite pizza!


8. Another reason to date this species is because they are not the kind of woman who are spendthrift or who shop till they die, they know where to spend and where to save those bucks, so they are surely not going to burn your pockets while you guys are dating!


9. A Cancer woman is an intellectual and a great thinker, so be assured they will have the best solutions and ideas to whatever you guys are doing or going through. Add to it they are a family oriented people who enjoy the comfort of watching netflix with you at home with your pet.


10. Last but surely not the least, A cancer woman is a very passionate character in the bed, she understands the importance of closeness and intimacy, so be ready to have some good time if you are dating a Cancer woman.





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