1. A Capricorn guy is full of character and charm and their charismatic nature can attract any woman on a given day plus they are very romantic and practical people which is definitely a icing on the cake.


2. These guys are also one of the most logical people to ever come across. They always think from their brains and not from their hearts. They have solutions for almost all the problems. Their logical nature helps them to sort out many things in life.



3. Another reason why you should date a Cap guy is because they are very ambitious people and they have high aims in life. Anyways woman like men who have certain and pre-decided goals in life rather than just sitting at the starbucks and flirting with someone.


4. These guys are also very responsible and punctual people, be it reaching on time for a dinner with you or paying all the bills on time, they are right there at the top of the responsible and punctual people’s list. They not only assume responsibility but also fulfill their responsibility which is a major turn on for any woman.


5. Capricorn guys are also very calm and silent people and they avoid arguments and conflicts for silly reasons and girls like men who don’t enter into fights and instead solve matter with peace. He is the type of guy who is not going to flaunt his biceps and boast about his influence, instead he will say sorry and just move on with a fight.


6. These guys are the ultimate family guys, they believe in spending nights with you on Netflix with some popcorn in the bedroom snuggling instead of partying with a bunch of friends at a nightclub. In fact this is a major reason why you should date a cancer guy because he is a homebody.


7. You should also date a Capricorn guy for his protective and caring nature and his ability to make others feel good and pampered. If you are dating a Capricorn guy he will try to make you feel at ease and comfort you every moment you are with him.


8. Capricorn guys are also very straightforward and practical people and they don’t mince words while expressing themselves and they have a clear communication all the time. They believe in taking and talking in the most practical ways possible.


9. Last but not the least, If you are dating a Capricorn guy, you will never feel dominated or controlled by him, it’s like teamwork together and he will also give you enough space to take decisions on your own rather interfering in every matters of your life. You will simply love the amount of space and freedom which your Cap guy gives you while you two are dating.





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