1. A Capricorn woman is a totally self dependant woman, she is literally a one man army and she won’t depend on anyone to get her things done. If you are looking for such independent woman to date, than you these girls just fits the bill for you.


2. One of the reasons to date this woman is also because these girls are very approachable by nature, they don’t carry attitude or have bloated egos and make themselves unappproachable. They are very genuine and real persons in real life and any guy will surely appreciate this quality in a Capricorn woman.


3. A Capricorn woman is always a fun to hang out with, they are always cracking those silly jokes and doing little mischieves. You will surely never feel bored with a Capricorn woman as they are naturally exciting and interesting creatures.


4. She is a player, she has very high tastes in men, but when she strikes a chord with someone,a genuine chord, she will become fucking dedicated and loyal to her.


5. A Capricorn woman is known for her acute sense of style and fashion, in short she is a fashionista, she will always look hot in her latest hot-shorts to that hot one piece she wore for a dinner. She is definately gonna grab many eyeballs of passerby people when you two walk together and you will experience sense of pride!


6. She is a very creative woman and she is always going to come up with new ideas, be it solving her problems or yours, she is always right there with the best solutions to offer and make life easier. Basically she has ideas for everything that comes her way and no problem is big for her because of her excellent creativity.


7. She is the type of woman who is a cleanliness freak, she is always neat and tidy herself as well as her house and car is always shining with cleanliness, i am sure we boys like such girls because we are not like that!

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8. A Capricorn woman is very honest and straightforward with her opinions, she will say it whatever is in her mind in your face and will never mince words as whatever she says is genuine and for the betterment of the other person.


9. For a Capricorn woman, Honesty is the best policy, they are totally loyal and honest in the relationship they are going through and also expect the same from the people they love.


10. A Capricorn woman is a sport and a very adventurous person, she will never say you a no on anything plus they can become very naughty and kinky in the bed . You can surely have a great time with a Capricorn women inside the bedroom as well as outside of it!






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