1. A Gemini woman is full of mysteries and secrets, the more you unlock her mysteries, the more you will come to know about her and the more you will get fascinated by her. She is a intellectual woman and she is a ideal combination of beauty with brains. So if you want your date to be pretty and intelligent at the same time, you should surely date a Gemini woman.


2. A Gemini woman is spontaneous and she loves adventures, she will never tell you a no on basically anything you ask for. Be it the road trip you want to go out with her or asking her to sneak out from her house at 3am Midnight! She will always be a sport and you will surely appreciate this quality in her.


3. A Gemini woman is highly adaptive and versatile personality, she can basically adapt herself to any conditions and she won’t throw any tantrums. She can be versatile enough for her loved ones.



4. A Gemini woman can basically gel with anyone. They will quickly mix and gel with your best friends to your angry woman and you will be surprised to see how flexible your girl is.


5. A Gemini woman has dual sides or we can say natures and never under estimate her innocence and just consider her an intelligent nerd as she can surprise you with her passion and fire in the bed. She can just floor you with her gorgeous moves and will keep you wanting for more.


6. A Gemini woman is one of the best team players, you will never feel dictated or controlled while you guys are dating, she will always believe in working out things together.


7. A Gemini woman also has the ability to not only hold conversations but also engage in stimulating and intellectual conversations, you can literally talk with her whole night without even getting bored for a second.


8. A Gemini woman is also a very good listener and she will listen to every shit you say and pay close attention to it making you feel loved and special. She is basically a very understanding person by nature and she pays heeds to the needs of their loved ones.


9. Gemini woman is also very responsible and a dedicated personality, she is a efficient multi-tasker, give her the responsibility of handling an event and you will be surprised by her efficiency at managing things with great ease and responsibility!


10. Last but not the least, A Gemini woman respects honesty and loyalty when she is dating and she will be totally faithful and loyal to her partner. Even though a Gemini woman is considered to be a player, but once she falls in love and gains the trust, she can be deeply committed and loyal to her partner.





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