1. A Leo woman is full of substance and character, she is basically a lioness amongst the girls. She is totally self dependant and will never depend on anyone. She is very caring and protective of her loved ones too. So if you are looking for a date who will always be protective and caring of you, you should surely date a Leo Woman.


2. Leo woman are naturally pretty and physically attractive women, they have a naturally attractive charm and they can floor anyone with that charm for sure. They are also very down to earth and cool people to deal with.


3. They are also the social butterflies and the heart of the party, they will attract attention wherever they go and you will be proud to have a girl by your side when the whole world is giving her the attention, but she’s with you boy!


4. A Leo woman is also very ambitious and passionate about everything in life, they work hard as much as they party hard and because of this,they are very organized and focused in whatever they do in their life. They surely complete everything which they take in their hands.

5. Leo’s live life king size and so does the Leo woman, they are very generous and they simply love to pamper and spoil their loved ones. They don’t mind on splurging and enjoying life as long as it makes them and their loved ones happy. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly find your Leo girl gifting you an expensive watch or a date a five star restaurant.


6. A Leo woman also possesses great passion when it comes to sex and physical intimacy, they are totally seductive and passionate once they get close and fall in love with someone. You are bound to have some real good time with her if you manage to win her heart.


7. A Leo Woman, once she falls in love, she is deeply committed and honest towards her partner.She will never ditch or lie and will always be faithful towards her partner or loved ones.


8. A Leo woman is also very quick to forgive her loved ones, she has a big heart and even after the biggest of arguments or fights, they will just quickly forget and forgive. That is in fact the best quality you can look for.


9. A Leo woman is basically a very logical and practical person too, she will always have practical answers and logical solutions to everything and she can in fact be your problem solver and make your life easier. She is not a dreamer, she believes in reality.


10. A Leo woman is practical and believes in reality, that said, but that does not mean she does not believe in fairy tale romance and happy affairs, she is a positive person with strong character, she is basically a optimist and will always positive thoughts in her mind. She will always encourage you and her positivity will even brush off on you.





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