1. A Pisces guy is something who can be called an underdog when it comes to romance. Not many people are aware that guys with this zodiac sign are one of the most romantic and passionate people to be with. They are just overshadowed by the highly acclaimed Arians, Libras and Scorpios.


2. These guys don’t fake and they are real friends, they will stand by your side while you are going through the toughest problems and always be a helping hand even when you don’t expect them to.


3. They are one of the most sensitive people amongst all the zodiac signs, they are also emotional and soft natured from inside. So they will never hurt you or enter into a fight or arguments as they never like to hurt themselves or the people they love.


4. They are really cute in the relationships and they will always give you hugs and kisses. They are touch creatures and they like physical intimacy or closeness. So be assured to have lots of cute hugs and tender kisses if you wanna date a Pisces Guy.


5. Pisces guys will never get angry in fact these sensitive people don’t like getting angry or entering into arguments. Because of their soft hearted nature, they will instantly forgive their loved ones even though many times the fault was not theirs. In fact this is one of the few reasons why woman are very much attracted towards Pisces man.


6. These guys are very artistic and romantic, be it art music or food, so don’t be surprised if you are in for a great surprise by your Pisces guy as they like to keep their partners happy. In fact their happiness comes from the fact that they are able to make their loved ones happy.


7. One more reason to date a Pisces guy is that they are extremely honest and loyal to the core in their relationship. They will never lie to their partners and they will also expect the same from their loved ones. They are also very honest with their opinions and won’t hesitate in saying to their partner the truth even though it may sound harsh.


8. These guys are full of understanding and they are warm hearted, they will understand each and every problem of yours which other people may find tough to understand and this is a quality which makes them standout amongst the women.


9. These guys live life king size, they are a generous spendthrift and they believe in pampering themselves as well as their partner with the finest things in life. They can spoil you to the core and you will just love it!


10. These are the guys who are always on a lookout for new experiences, be it in travelling, eating or his personal life and relationships, so you are bound to enjoy a great time with a Pisces guy because your relationship is never going to be filled with monotonous stuff.




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