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1. A Pisces woman is always full of surprises and she is a very interesting character. They are a perfect mix of emotions and brains as they will never take a wrong decision or a wrong move in their life.




2. A Pisces woman is always ready for a plunge, they are totally adventurous creatures, they like having some fun and zest in their life rather than just having a plain boring relationship.This quality is in fact one of the major attractions for a boy to date a Pisces woman.




3. A Pisces woman is one of the best combinations of spirituality and sensuality which makes him a very fascinating character. She likes having deep pleasures and when she says she is looking for more, she actually means it bro!


4. One of the reasons why you should actually date a Pisces woman is because she is a intensely creative personality, in fact you can learn many things from her just by spending time with her, her creativity and intellect will surely brush on you too after you guys spend time together.


5. She is a very sensitive and caring person, she will not only pay heed to your needs and will pamper and treat you like a baby but she will also understand even the silliest of things or problems you are going through as its in her nature to be like this.


6. A Pisces woman is also very good at holding conversations and having stimulating and intellectual conversations, she can turn on any man simply by her way of talking. She can also be very sensual and naught while having conversations. This is a major turn on for we guys and i know that!


7. If she is damn good at conversations, she is also equally a very good listener and she can listen to you for hours to your stupidest and silliest of things and make you feel pampered and loved. She will pay attention to the minute details on what you have to say.


8. When she is in love, trust me guys, she is totally loyal and faithful towards his partner, so you are dating a right person if you looking for someone who is really faithful, honest and committed.


9. More than being a lover, she will always be your friend like you can literally have all types of fun and conversations with her and she will surely make you forget your guy pals, in fact this is one of the major reasons why you should date such kind of woman.


10. She is the cuddly and hugs type of a person rather than being frisky or wild, she would prefer those soft caresses. So if you are looking for a proper all-round package in a date, this type of girls are the best bet for you guys as they are totally unique and interesting characters with whom you can have the time of your life.





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