1. Dating a Sagittarius guy is always fun and exciting and if you are the one who is looking for a cool and carefree guy with an enthusiastic nature, you should definately date a Sagittarius guy.


2. These guys are very optimistic people and they will always spread positivity and good vibes. If you are dating a Sagittarius guy, rest assured he is always gonna make you feel good always saying positive things.


3. These guys have a very uncanny sense of humour which can tickle your bones. They have the situations to make things light and bright even in the tense moments and hence if you are dating a Sagittarius guy, you are bound to have fun moments with him. Hardly there would be a dull moment.


4. These guys are sociable and spiritual at the same time which is a very good combination in the modern times. They may appear to be very modern from outside but from deep inside they are also highly spiritual people.


5. These guys have a passion for whatever they do, be it in their career or in their relationship, so if you are dating a Sag, You already know you are with a very passionate guy who will love you as well as have great time in the bed with equal passion. These guys are one of the most honest and loyal people you can ever come across, you should surely date a Sag guy if you are looking to date a honest and loyal person.


6. Sagittarians have a insatiable sex drive and they are always ready to have a good time. They are also very much exciting in the bed always trying to have fun, pleasure and good times. If you are dating a Sag, be assured to have physical escapades.


7. These guys are very nurturing and protective, they will treat their loved ones especially their loved ones with lot of love, care and affection. They will always try to treat their girl with lots of pampering and care making them feel like a little baby or a princess. They are also very snuggly and cuddly type of guys, so if you are a girl who likes cuddling and kissing, these guys are the best bet to have those times with.


8. Sagittarians are hardcore adventurous and they love travelling, hence dating these guys will assure you of exploring new places and romantic adventure trips where you will have the time of your life.


9. Last but surely not the least, these guys are very charming by nature and they have this innate ability to be loyal yet not be clingy or over-possessive towards their partner. They will give you enough space and they will respect your independence and privacy which is one of their best aspects.



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