1. A Sagittarius woman is very confident and attractive, their sheer confidence and strong character will literally floor you and you will be all the more attracted towards her. If you like the confident type of a woman, you should surely try your luck by dating a Sag woman!


2. A Sag Woman is totally practical, blunt and straight forward by nature, she is never going to mince her words when she wants to express something. If she says you are hot, she means it and is she says, she wants it more, she surely means it boy! You will also be saved from all the emotional drama and arguments because of her straight forward nature.


3. A Sag woman is also very ambitious and she has clear goals in life and she works hard towards it. She likes to dream big and achieve all the finer things in life. She is very passionate and her nature will brush off on you too! She is mot selfish and will also help you to achieve your dreams and will also encourage you for the same.


4. One of the finest qualities of her is that she will never judge you, no matter what, unlike other girls. She will always try to understand from your perspective and trust me guys, we do like girls who don’t judge as that is a very rare quality found in woman nowadays. They know all of us are different and we all have different way of thinking and we all are entitled to our opinions.


5. A Sag woman loves sports and wild adventures, she is a sport and will never tell you a no for going outdoors or playing any sort of game. She can play games with you on TV as well as go out on road trips with you at the same time.


6. She is also a ideal combination of being beauty with brains, she is very knowledgeable and she has information about almost everything right from the best restaurants to the closing price of the stock last day.


7. A Sag woman will also amaze you with her practicality and her logical opinions, she has solutions for everything and no problem is ever a big problem for her.


8. Even though she is a practical and serious type of a woman but when she is in the playful mood, she surely knows how to get the party going and how to be naughty and fun with her guy.


9. When she says she loves you, consider yourself lucky as they take their own time to love and once they fall in love, they will love you deeply and they will always stay loyal, no matter what. Being your date, she will also be your best friend with whom you can literally do or share anything, she is bound to make you forget your guy pals when you guys are dating!





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