1. These guys are one of the most passionate and intense people you can ever come across and dating these guys would assure you of some of the best moments of your life.


2. These guys love to pamper their girl like anything, get ready to be treated like a princess if you are dating a Scorpio guy. Don’t be surprised if he takes you to a five star hotel for a brunch or gifts you a solitaire which costs a bomb!


3. These guys appear as tough from outside with strong personality but don’t be fooled as these are the guys who are actually soft and sensitive from inside. They get affected by every word, every expression and every action of their loved ones even though they may not openly express their feelings to them.


4. Scorpio guys are loyal as hell. No matter what, they will never cheat on you or make you feel stranded. They are the ones who will not even flirt with other girls if they are in a relationship with someone.


5. Dating a Scorpio guy also assures you to have a great time in the bed and great intimacy as these guys are very sensual and erotic by nature and they have all the tricks of the trade to not only satisfy or pleasure themselves but you too!


6. These guys are very caring and protective by nature, they will treat their girl like a princess and little baby at the same time and trust me you will enjoy this feeling of being loved and pampered.


7. Scorpio guys are very intellectual by nature, so be assured to have exciting and stimulating conversations with your guy and this will make you crave for more. They are never empty with different topics to talk on.


8. Scorpio guys are good at making their loved ones comfortable, they are good listeners too. So you can talk with them for hours without getting bored and they will hear to every word you say like it’s the most important thing in the world.


9. Scorpions are secretive and private people and this is a good thing as they will never let anyone know about your stuff or secrets or the talks which you guys have shared together. They simply know how to keep things confidential.


10. Scorpions are creative people and hence this creativity can also be seen in the bed, they will always be up with new things and experiments to have great fun and intimacy. You will never have a dull or a boring moment with them and your sex life is going to be rocking with these guys.





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