1. Virgo guys are the quintessential date choice for any woman because of their fun loving attitude and perfectionist nature. These guys are always full of new things and they are one of the most interesting personalities to explore.


2. The reason why you should date this guy is also because they are fucking good at holding conversations which is a major turn on for almost any woman. They have the ability to not only hold conversations but also have intellectual and stimulating conversations which can floor any woman on a given day.


3. These guys are also known for their perfectionism, be it reaching on time for a date to take you to the place where it was decided to fulfilling every commitment which they have given,they will always give their best.


4. Virgo guys are also very straightforward and practical people and they don’t mince words while expressing themselves and they have a clear communication all the time. They believe in taking and talking in the most practical ways possible.


5. Another reason why you should date a Virgo guy is because they are highly artistic or we can say crafty people and hence you will have a good time with them either reading books or going to a art fair or doing some artistic activity. They also at times display their love through their artistic abilities. So don’t be surprised if he paints an image and gifts you or writes a romantic poem for you.


6. These guys are epitome of cleanliness, they like to keep things clean and tidy no matter what, some people even consider them to be suffering from OCD, but this is what they are and woman love guys who are always neat, clean and tidy. Even their cars and house will be clean unlike other guys.


7. These guys are also very low-key and they believe in spending time with their loved ones rather than socializing, hence dating a Virgo guy is gonna make you assured, that you are looked after and he will spend enough time on you.


8. Virgos are not only the best people with whom you can have endless conversations but they are also one of the best listeners, these guys will listen to your silliest of talks and make you feel special. They will make you feel like what you are saying is one of the most important things in the world.


9. Virgo guys are also very loyal to the people they love, even if Jennifer Lawrence comes and proposes to a Virgo guy. He won’t say a yes if he is dating someone or if he is into a relationship. This is how much loyal he can be. Hence dating a Virgo guy is not only going to be fun but you will also be able to learn many things from them which could drastically improve your life.





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