Aquarius guys are very passionate, responsible and doting daddies as they eagerly wait to become a dad, they are a total family man and for them once they become a dad, their life changes and they will give the role of fatherhood the utmost priority in their life.

They are one of those fathers who will become serious and responsible and curb their own lifestyle to raise their children and give them the best childhood filled with cheerful and happy memories.


Aquarius fathers are also very protective and caring daddies and they will never let some raise even a finger on their kids. They will pay heed to every demand and every wish of their child especially if it’s a daughter.


They are the type of fathers who prepare themselves in advance for the role of parenthood, they are very serious about being a dad and they don’t take it lightly at all. They strive hard for satisfying them and not letting them a single chance to complain.


These fathers will also spend a lot of time with their kids be it playing with them, taking them to parks or playing video games with them, they will always give quality time to their children and give them undivided love, these fathers know that spending time and giving time to their children is more important than spending money on them and they exactly do that and they truly rock at it.


These fathers are very liberal in their parenting and they will never try to dominate or control them in their decisions or choices even though they will always guide them towards the right path on what is right and what is wrong but they will never force themselves.


An Aquarius father is very friendly and warm with his children and he makes sure that their children can share everything with them and they have a total freedom of expression in conveying or explaining something which they want.


These fathers will also try their best to be flexible and adjust according to the modern times and they will easily blend with their kids. They know it is important to be a friend and a role model than being a strict father to their kids.


An Aquarius father also believes in giving best education to their children so that they turn out to be the most responsible citizens when they grow up.


Last but the not least, these fathers are always the best well wishers of their kids and all they want is that their kids remain healthy, happy and confident. He tries his best to inculcate the best values and manners in his kids and that is one of the major reasons he truly rocks being a father.


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