Cancer Kids are one of the most loving, adorable babies when they come to the world, just like their Pisces Counterparts, Cancer Kids are highly sensitive by nature and they are very loving by nature. They like doting parents who will always pamper them with their love, care and attention during their early days.


Cancer Children are also very obedient kids right from their birth, they are unlike the Aries or Libra kids who will take the house by the storm. They are very calm, composed and balanced right from their toddler days.


Cancer kids are also one of the most participating and active kids in the group, they will be the first one to take up the projects and assignments and also the first one to complete the projects or their homework on time.


Cancer kids are usually the class monitors or the most attentive students too in their school, they are the type of kids who are teacher’s favorite because of their obedient nature and sensitivity towards others. These kids are also very loyal to their parents and teachers.


Cancer Kids don’t like to fight or argue a lot, in fact they are the kids who will quickly become uncomfortable once they are kept in an environment where there is a lot of stress, violence and arguments. They are naturally very soft hearted kids.


These kids are also very great with their siblings, hardly will they every fight or get jealous with their brothers and sisters. In fact right from their early childhood, they are givers in life, they will always share whatever they have with their siblings. Cancer kids are also very helping and caring towards their siblings, in fact they will be the best friends to their brothers and sisters.


Their helping nature also makes them people’s favorite, add to it, they are naturally very sweet and cute, you will always wish to spend time with them because of their affectionate nature. Cancer Kids are also known for their patience, they don’t get impulsive or irritated quickly, they have a great will power to bear things.


Cancer kids also stick to their commitment, they are very hard working children and take every thing seriously. You will usually find them topping the papers in the exams because of their dedication and hard work. They will leave no stone unturned to make their parent proud.


Their focus and observation skills are also worth taking notice and you will be surprised to see how nicely your cancer kid observes things and also remembers it which kids of their age would find tough to do. If you teach them once, not to cross the road till its red signal, you won’t need to remind them the next time.


These kids are so sensitive towards the emotions and needs of others that once you will tell them that you have a headache, they will come after three hours and again ask you, whether you are alright or not, you may have even forgot by that time, that you had a headache! These are some of the reason why Cancer Kids rock!

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