1. One of the most pampering, sensitive and soft-hearted mothers are found to be cancer mothers and it is in the characteristics of a Cancer woman to be really soft, calm and sensitive towards others which automatically reflects in her parenting too.


2. She is considered as a poster woman of motherhood because for a cancer woman her family and her kids are everything to her, she lives because of them, her world revolves around them and that is the reason she rocks as a mom!


3. She is a perfect mother figure to her kids and she has all the tricks of the trade in her arsenal to raise her kids in the most comfortable and healthy environment with the best possible values and principles.


4. She is the type of mother who knows the right blend of being loving and responsible at the same time, out of so much love she won’t forget her responsibilities towards her child and she won’t allow her child to get spoiled by her undivided love. This is the quality which only Cancer woman possesses and that is one of the reasons she rocks!


5. A Cancer mother cherishes and takes pride in each and every moment of motherhood and as a result she will always ensure her kids are always nourished, happy and healthy. The smile on their kids face gives her the utmost satisfaction. Her happiness actually depends a lot on how his kids are.


6. Even though she may be busy if she may be a working woman, she will manage to efficiently multitask and she will go to great lengths to properly raise her kids. Even if she has a meeting at the office at 8am, she will manage to reach the parents teacher meeting at school on time at 10am efficiently managing everything.


7. A Cancer woman is so much in love with her kids that she will even do the little things without being embarrassed for her kids, be it tying their shoe laces, giving them a head massage, buttoning up their clothes and jackets and even cleaning their toys and other stuff. She will basically do anything to any extent to bring a smile on their face.


8. A Cancer woman is also a very good cook and she will always pamper her child with her favorite foods and spoil them for choices. Her kids adore and love their mother for this quality and you will always find tiffins of these kids filled with new and tasty things because of their loving cancer moms.


9. She is also one of those moms who is in perfect sync with her child’s emotions, feelings and brain, she will instantly connect with them and so will their children. These moms will instantly detect if something is wrong with their kids or something is upsetting their child or if they are going through something.



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