Capricorn kids are very unique, they are not the usual kids you will see. Right from their early days, they are very observing, sharp and sympathetic by nature. These kids are driven for success and results. They are also very sorted out kids who knows the right balance between play and studies and their other responsibilities.


Capricorn kids always strive for the best things and they always want to be at the top. These kids excel a lot in sports and arts right from their school days as they don’t like to sit idle. These kids get bored easily and they need something interesting and creative all the time!


Another interesting aspect of these kids is that they have an ambitious streak, you will even observe this qualities when they would be in their nursery or playgroup, their will to achieve things and never give up till they get is phenomenal.


Capricorn kids are also very hardworking kids by nature, they are usually the best students or we can say pets of teachers in school as they are always helping and willing to participate as well as complete projects on time.


These children are also very practical by nature, in fact sometimes you would get a feeling of practical adults standing in front of you. You will be amazed to see the diplomacy in their talks, decisions and behavior right from their toddler days.


These kids are also one of the best children to have around because of their jolly nature and willingness to mix with everybody. They are one of the best cheerleaders you will find always pushing, supporting and encouraging their friends or anyone around them.


These are the type of kids who would be shouting the loudest cheering their friends when they are in a competiton. They are the best company when you want to just get cheered up or if you have something to share. They will be all ears.


As parents you will also be surprised to see the fierce and strong competitive nature that they possess. They are always hungry to win and they would toil hard to achieve the best results all the time. These kids also respect their parents a lot. They will always respect, listen and oblige to what their mom-dad has to say.

zzz Capricorn kids also have a very high regard and respect for rules and regulations, they will always take things seriously and follow them.  They have an inborn regard for rules and laws. As siblings also, they will be very protective and friendly. They will never be irritating element for their siblings, instead they can even turn out to be the best friends!


One of the major needs for a Capricorn child is that they need respect and self esteem. While normal kids know that they are being loved, Capricorn kids think that they need to prove themselves that they deserve all this love. They have an inner zeal of proving themselves worthy of being loved.



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