Gemini guys are born intelligent, witty and smart and they will use their wittiness and intelligence while raising their kids too. These fathers are modern day fathers unlike Taurus or Pisces dads who are a bit old world style and traditional. These fathers easily mix with their children.


Gemini dads are more like buddies than being stern father’s, they believe that raising a child as a friend is a better option than raising them like being a strict dad. They are the 21st century modern day fathers and their children will love that and that is one of the reasons these fathers rock!


A Gemini person has this great ability to mix with anyone they come across and hence they will instantly blend with their children being just like them while at the same time giving them the best guidance and raising them efficiently.


These fathers right from the early childhood of their kids ensure that they are good at whatever they do, be it their academics, sports or whatever. They will always try to raise their i.q level by playing intelligent and brain storming games and puzzles.


A Gemini guy is very intelligent and very good at conversations and they are one of the best people to hang out with, hence their children will always have a good time with them with no boring or dull moment. It is said that for daughters who have Gemini fathers, they consider their dad as the closest and best buddies and they literally share everything with them.


These fathers are also very cool and the freedom is the thing which describes their parenting, they will give their children the right amount of space and freedom and will never try to pressurize or control them. They will give them the freedom to do whatever they want and this is the quality which even their children will appreciate in their Gemini dad and this is also one of the strong reasons why these fathers truly rock!


Gemini dads will never be strict to their children, they can never be tough or harsh and especially if it’s a daughter, because for him her daughter is her princess and he will treat her like one. He expects a lot out of his son and will always be faithful and affectionate towards both the kids.


Gemini dads are very straightforward and honest when it comes to expressing their views or opinions. They are very honest with that, they will say instantly in your face if they find something wrong in their kids. At the end of the day he just wishes the best for his children and he has no other feelings if he is being straightforward.


These fathers are also very emotional and tender towards their kids, but they will hardly show that side of theirs to their kids, as he does not want to be vulnerable to his kids.


Last but not the least, their kids can expect maximum amount of leverage, freedom of expression if they have a Gemini dad and their kids will totally love it and they surely would appreciate this quality and this is the reason they truly rock as fathers.


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