Out of all the zodiac signs, Gemini kids are the wittiest and most the intelligent kids. They have a grand power of Imagination. You will be amazed to see how far can your Gemini Kid think at such a small age where even you may have not expected it. Their way of story-telling and thinking is way beyond imagination.


Gemini kids are also one of the most bright students. They are the type of kids who will always score great marks and will make their parents proud. It is because they have an highly academic nature and they are brilliant students. They have a good grasping power, memory and ability to express which helps them to outperform from other kids.


Another fine trait of these kids is that they are very creative and experimentative by nature. New subjects, topics, experiments, new places, unsolved mysteries, answers to tough questions, new formulas or inventions are some of the things which always keeps them busy. They are very fascinated by trying out new things and exploring.


Yes to some extent, they are mysterious but it is because their thinking levels, energy levels and intelligence is in another zone from the rest of the kids. Hence they don’t find it easy to open up with everyone or share everything with everyone or anyone. But that said, even their mysteriousness seems interesting.


One thing assured, with these kids you will never have a dull moment because they have high energy levels, they are very funny and have a great sense of humor. Add to it they have an incredibly curious nature to know everything happening around them. Plus they are extremely social animals, right from their childhood days, you will notice they will have lots of different type of friends.


Yes they are brilliant and intelligent but they also have strong streaks of inconsistency, one day they may be all brilliant and in extroverted mood and they next day they may become bored and secretive. It is because they have a dual nature.


Right from their early days the Gemini kids are amazing conversationalists and the most dramatic people you can ever come across. They know how to talk and engage in a topic for hours, they know how to react to certain situations, they are very smart at all these stuff!!


Gemini kids are a little bit Impatient and they have a tendency to manipulate, hence smooth relations all the time with siblings cannot be assured but because they are fun to be with, adventurous and creative, siblings can also have the best of the times while growing up with these kids!


Gemini kids will be the first ones to attend their friend’s birthday party or school’s reunion or any sort of functions or events where they can have fun and meet old as well as new people. It is because they have a strong desire to connect with people from different walks of life. They are highly social in nature.


With Gemini kids, its always the best times because they are highly adventurous in exploring new food, new places and new people and in fact these are some of the reasons why Gemini Kids Rock!



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