1. A Libra woman is a woman of 21st century, she is charming ,modern and cool and she has a magnetic personality and she is surely their children’s best friend because of her witty and friendly nature. She believes in staying with the trend and she will raise her children in the same manner full of modern values mixed with good principles.


2. She is a very diplomatic persona in real life and that applies in her parenting too, she will raise her child in the most diplomatic way without any fuss, they will avoid any disputes, arguments or disagreements with her child as she does not like disputes, she hates them in fact.


3. Even though these women are charismatic and energetic but when it comes to parenting they are very calm and they will allow the other person to say and vent out whatever they want to. Their children can basically talk about or share anything with their mom and that’s the best part about a Libra mom and they truly rock!


4. These moms also have the ability to handle tough situations or crisis with ease and this also helps a lot in their parenting. She will multi-task with great efficiency. Be it completing her presentation for the office and also helping her child to finish her homework in time, she will always manage it with ease and in time.


5. Even though from outside these moms appear as something different but deep down from inside they are very sensitive and liberal towards their child. They are very sympathetic towards their children and they easily melt on their children’s demands or tears because of their sensitive nature.


6. These moms are also very pampering and they will literally spoil their child with lots of pampering by fulfilling all their wishes. A Libra woman basically likes good things and luxurious things in life, so its but natural, that she will do anything to give her children the most comfortable and easy life.


7. She is also a very smart woman and even though she has a modern approach towards raising her children, she will always encourage and teach her children to resolve conflicts and disputes without any fights or arguments. She will teach them to never do injustice or get things by breaking the hearts and feelings of other people and this quality makes a Libra woman a rocking mom for sure.


8. A Libra mom is very worries about the future of her kids and she will start doing things right from their childhood in such a way that their children’s future are always secured. She will always raise her children to become good human beings and responsible citizens.


9. A Libra mom also rocks because she surely know how to balance between her strict and sensitive side, she will neither appear to be very tender neither she will look to be very strict.


10. A Libra mom is basically very cool and modern mom and you can basically share anything with her just like you would share with your best friend at 3am. She is also fun to hang out with. You will find her ready with her sunglasses on to for a drive anytime and rest assured you will have a great time with her.




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