10 Reasons why People Snore-

Snoring has been a huge problem for innumerable people around the world over the years. Its been said that Snoring is the result of over indulging in some of the life’s pleasures. It can be anything from excessive sleeping to excessive drinking. The top 10 reasons why people snore are:

  1. The first and one of the most crucial reasons why people snore can be their unhealthy lifestyle. Excessive over-eating or lack of exercise or working out or both can be a major factor for snores.RTY
  2. People who indulge themselves in regular alcohol are also the victims of snoring. The ones who depend on sleeping pills are also the ones who snore excessively.Bar Beer Drinking Friends Lager Men Pint Pub Teens

3. Smoking is overall itself not good for health, its not making you    healthy but cutting of your days from your lifespan. Excessive smoking is also one of the major reasons of snoring.


4.  A lot depends on your sleeping position. It is said by many doctors that the way you sleep on the bed can be a major factor for snoring. People who sleep in supine position or with their heads facing bed snore more. Individuals snore more if they are sleeping on their back and if they are suffering from “Retrognathia”(Receding chin)


5. People who suffer from allergies and particularly rhinitis currently affects upto 25% of the population. Allergies like nasal congestion, itching, sneezing, rhinnorhea also act as major reasons for snoring. Not getting enough of sleep, headache fatigue are also one of the top reasons.


6.Nasal stuffiness is one of the most accepted and popular reasons why people snore. Nasal stiffness or in simple words the people who breathe through their mouth tend to snore a lot.


7.  If you are a “Mouth Breather” i.e you keep your mouth open while sleeping can cause a lot of snoring. You can always notice your dad or your grandfather sleeping with their mouth open and snoring loudly.


8. Snoring can also be caused because of small or collapsing nostrils. While we sleep, our body is designed to breathe through the nose. If our nostrils are small or if our nose is suffering from rhinitis or alar collapse, it causes loud and continous snoring.


9. The reason for your snoring can also be that you may be a tongue based snorer. The airway is making you to vibrate at the base of your tongue. It means that turbulent air is making a way into your lungs through a restricted airway and hence it vibrates the tissues of your tongue causing you to snore. Tongue based snorers are in fact the loudest snorers.


10. Multifactoral snoring- It means that there are many reasons why you snore and not just one particular reason. You may be keeping your mouth open while sleeping while you may also be having few allergies. You may be living an unhealthy lifestyle eating lots of junk food as well as drinking. Add to it, you may not be getting adequate sleep either.





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