Sagittarius kids are gregarious and sociable right from their toddy days. These kids are very much in sync with their emotions right from their childhood which is a rare quality found in kids nowadays. Sagittarius kids are emotional, cheerful yet practical than the rest of the kids you would come across.


These kids don’t crave for too much attention, they are more than happy with their limited few friends and in their own little world unlike Leo, Libra or Aries kids who have lots of friends and always ask for attention. These bunch of kids are happy in their own space.


Sagittarius kids are also one of the most obedient kids parents can ever dream for out of all the zodiac signs. They are the least trouble givers. They are the type of kids who are always teacher’s favorite students because of their conduct.


Sagittarius kids are also one of the most cheerful and positive kids in the zodiac, for them nothing is ever a problem and you will always find them encouraging their friends and others around them. In fact this quality is what makes them stand out.


Sagittarius kids are highly optimistic individuals in life, while Cancer kids are moody or scorpions and Gemini’s secretive, these kids are a delight with their bright and positive attitude towards everything. These kids make parenting a quite easier task.


Sagittarius kids are also a great bundle of energy, they are always beaming with energy, the way they talk, they play, their behavior, there is a sense of positive and active energy flowing from them. Plus they don’t give up easily in life, for them they always want to give their best, no matter what.


These kids are also very hard working by nature and they believe in discipline. You will always find your Sag kid to be adhering to the rules, laws or regulations set by the parents or teachers. This makes them very loved by seniors too!


The best quality about Saggy kids is they are very much independent and free spirits, they like to be on their own. They are always helping their friends and people around them but they themselves would hardly depend on anyone.


Sagittarius kids are also one of the adventurous bunch of kids, they like to go outdoors, play different type of sports, take risks and enjoy life. They will never say a no to anyone if someone is asking them to go out for a picnic or water sports, they are game for it all the time!


Sagittarius kids are very outspoken by nature and they will honestly express whatever is going on in their minds. That is their best quality since childhood and they also gave an innate hunger for wisdom. Knowing new things, finding answers to unsolved mysteries etc excites them a lot!


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