The first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about Leo people in general is their confident and bold nature. Same applies to Leo bosses as they are very bold and loud by nature. They are completely open-minded and dynamic personalities.


Leo bosses are also very straightforward by nature. They can be harsh and rude sometimes because of that since they never mince with their words when they are expressing themselves or putting their point of view. That said they are also one of the most charismatic people you can come across!


Just like they are the heart of a party, they are also the center of attraction in the office too because of their loud and dynamic persona. They are extremely confident and the lion element inside them makes them always ready to take the lead.


Leo bosses are actually like lions, they demand complete obedience, discipline and respect. If you ever try to play with their ego, you better save yourself! They like being the leaders, they like to direct and control things.


Just like in their general life, their professional life or even in the office, these bosses will always crave for the limelight. That said, they get lot of attention naturally too!

If you have a Leo Boss, be assured that you will get good perks, promotions bonuses as they are hugely generous. Just got married? Don’t be surprised if your leo boss arranged a holiday package for you.


Well that was the good part, as if you ever try to irritate them or not comply to their directions or just failed at a task or a project which your Leo boss gave you, be ready to take some serious beatings as they have explosive tempers!


As Leo people like attention and so does the Leo bosses, never feel shy to compliment your leo boss. This will surely make them happy even though they may or may not express it! Just letting them know how great they cracked the last meeting with the client or just complimenting them on their looks or dressing sense can make them feel happy!


Leo people are complete party animals and it goes without saying that Leo bosses are the same. Get ready for a great party at a club till morning or a great dinner at a happening place if you guys achieved this month’s sales target or just bragged a big client or it was your boss’s birthday!



No doubt they are loud, straightforward and even temperamental by nature but that does not mean they are not employee friendly and approachable. They are very much friendly and social with everybody in the office!


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