A Libra boss is one of the most dynamic, cheerful and enigmatic leaders you will ever come across. They are always pumping with energy and will always create an energetic and peppy environment around them.


These bosses are very cool and composed at the same time. They are not dull and boring like a Taurus or a Sag boss. In fact they fall into the Aries type of category. Their positive energy and willingness to do things brushes off on people around them.


Libra bosses are also very practical and straightforward. They possess a balanced nature, equable temperament and positive attitude. These bosses are very observant also. They notice everything going around them even though they may portray a cool and I don’t care attitude.


Since they are equable and balanced by nature, they are also fait and just. That said, they will always promote, help and support those employees who work hard and equally keep a tab on those who are not serious about their job.


These bosses also believe in fair play. They don’t like unjust happening around then neither do they like or indulge in office politics. These bosses will ensure that the working environment in the office is just, clean and positive. These bosses are highly unlikely to indulge in favoritism towards particular employees at office!


Libra bosses are also one of the most creative people around. They have the ability to understand things quickly and also come up with innovative and creative solutions and ideas all the time. Libra boss is always willing to be active and will participate in every discussions.


Libra bosses are extremely social by nature and don’t be surprised if they have arranged a dinner or a office party with the entire staff after work. They like to mix with people and gel with them. They are also very approachable and hospitable in that aspect.


Libra bosses are also very generous by nature. Expect healthy bonuses during festive times and also great promotions and perks if you are performing well under a Libra boss. They believe in keeping their staff and employees happy all the time.


Libra bosses also have a knack for diplomacy in taking decisions or in discussions. They will never take any decision in a hurry or which has lots of risk involved. Their diplomatic nature also helps them in keeping good relations with the people around them.


You will rarely find a Libra boss losing his cool, they are almost all the time smiling and graceful. They appreciate hard work as they themselves do it a lot. All in all they are one of the favorite bosses to have around!


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