Sagittarius bosses are very outspoken, bright and positive minded people. They always look upto things in a brighter point of view. For them, nothing is tough or impossible to achieve as they are natural optimists.


They will also push and encourage their employees to have a positive outlook in life as it will create a positive and healthy environment at the workplace. The main benefits of having a Sag Boss is they are very sunny and lively personalities. Unlike the moody, boring and traditional bosses, these people are a little different.


Sagittarius bosses are hardly concerned with what is happening around them, especially the irrevelevant things as it helps them to focus on their work. They are also very level headed and practical individuals who will hardly falter in their decision making.


One of the most noticeable aspects of a Sag boss is their innate thirst for success and knowledge. They always want to learn new things, they never like to quit neither do they like to lose. They are always on their toes and very much competitive.


Saggy bosses are also very liberal by nature. That is in fact one of their best qualities as a leader. Different ideas and implementation from any employees are always welcome. They are very understanding too! If you have a genuine reason for a leave, they will never argue & will give you immediately.


Sagittarius bosses have an inherent restlessness in their blood! They are always eager for the results and outcomes! They expect every employees to be hard-working and focused towards achieving their goals.


Sagittarius bosses are also very outspoken, they never hide their opinions or feelings towards anybody. If they find something is not nice, they will say it on your face. Similarly if they find something good, they won’t think twice to appreciate.


Now this is a rarity in today’s bosses as they are very soft spoken as well as soft hearted. They are completely sympathetic and gentlemen/women. They are the type of people, the employees look up to.


Also these people have a  innate sense of justice and fair play, no cheatings, no discriminations or no office mind games or cheap office politics. They are completely fair and just. They will always see to it that the employees get what they deserve.


Last but not the least, these bosses are very creative, they will come up with the most unique and path breaking ideas and we all may be surprised! Because they are creative, they are also risk takers and they like to be adventurous trying out new things and tapping new domains in their business!


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