To start with, Scorpion bosses are one of the sharp, shrewdest and intelligent bosses in the zodiac. That said they are also one of the most meanest and ruthless bosses you can ever come across. They are completely practical minded leaders and the only thing that matters to them is their work.


Scorpion bosses are also complete task masters, they know how to squeeze the best from their employees. They will make them toil hard until they achieve the targets or goals set up by them. They are themselves very hard working by nature.


Scorpion bosses can be misers when it comes to treating their employees. Don’t expect healthy bonuses, weekend parties and easy promotions from these people. They are not the Aries or Libra or Leo type of bosses who believe in pampering their employees.


One of the most noticeable aspect of a Scorpion boss is that they are very smart and cunning by nature. Their decisions are always profit and target oriented and they don’t care what all things they have to go through or what others has to go through to achieve those goals.


Another great quality of a Scorpion boss is they are one of the most competitive bosses in the zodiac. They will leave no stone unturned to give the best fight to their competitors and always strive to remain at the top of the things. They can even turn ruthless to an extent of outshining their competitors.


Scorpion bosses are not only very ambitious but they are also immensely determined people. They have their set goals, targets and dreams both in their personal as well as professional life and this pushes them all the time to work harder and harder!


As Scorpion bosses are known to be shrewd and competitive, it makes them very secretive and cautious about their business plans, future endeavors and their business strategies and ideas. They would not share it with anybody as they are very insecure about their own success and they always have a fear of someone outshining them.


Scorpion bosses are also very possessive about their business and they get upset at minor things happening in their work. They also possess jealousy streaks because of their insecure nature. Be it competitors or employees, if they get even an idea of someone outshining them in any capacity, they will get jealous and try to outsmart them.


Scorpion bosses are also very unpredictable by nature. They have completely mixed temperaments and mood swings. One day they may be all cool while the other day they may be snapping on you for no reason.





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