Cancer guys are sweet, soft and sensitive by nature. So it is but natural for them that they will be attracted towards those woman who are equally soft, tender and sensitive as they are. He will appreciate the fact that the woman has a lot of warmth and love to give.


Cancer guys can never stand with loud, blunt and egoistic woman. It is not their nature and they won’t expect it from their partner either. So if you like this guy, keep aside your ego and attitude to woo him.


A Cancer guy will also appreciate the fact that the girl is very emotional and sensitive and she pays heeds to the needs of the others.  A sensitive woman who truly understands this guy and can be in sync with him and his emotions is a major turn-on for any Cancer guy.


A Cancer man is a complete family man with ideal family values. You also need to be a complete family oriented person and at the most we can say a traditional woman with strong traditional values as this will attract them a lot.


A Cancer guy will always look for a girl whom he can portray as his future wife and a great family woman. You should be very much grounded and must possess those warm family values that binds him and his emotions together.


Chances are also more that he may be a mamma’s boy or attached a lot to his family members. So if you manage to win the hearts of his family, you are already winning his heart and he will come more closer to you.


You should be very feminine and must spread that great feminine aura around him. These guys like feminine woman who are girly and full of substance at the same time.


A Cancer guy is the one who likes a lot of cuddling and kissing and physical intimacy. They like closeness in a relationship, hence to attract this guy, start giving him warm hugs and kisses. Notice how much he starts getting attracted to you because he will crave for more intimacy with you.


You have to manage to show her that how homely you are by showing off your cooking skills, baking a chocolate cake for him or just inviting him for a Netflix at you home. This qualities will make this guys go nuts and they will instantly get more attracted towards you.


Show him how much you value your family, show him how you prioritize family values and principles. Start getting close and attached to the people whom he is close to and see how he falls for you and gets all the more closer to you.

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