Capricorn guys are hard working and party animals at the same time. They are honest and straight with their opinions in life and they are very well sorted guys. Hence to attract this guy, you need to be a very well sorted and balanced personality.


Your originality and your straightforward nature will attract these guys. Always try to be head on with these guys. Show your true personality with confidence and these guys will drool all over you in no time. It would provoke them to spend more and more time with you.


Capricorn guys love those woman who will make some efforts and dig deep in their personality to know what they like and what they don’t like. It will make them feel special and they will instantly appreciate this quality in you and get attracted towards you.


Well, Capricorn guys are naughty and flirty and they do like to flirt but that does not mean you can be cheesy or cheap while flirting. Being classy while flirting will make him want you more. This one tip alone is going to earn major brownie points for you.


Capricorn guys are real lovers, they are a bit traditional and old fashioned in this aspect. They don’t like to rush into things quickly. They will surely like the fact that you can understand them and you are ready to adjust along the way.


If you are a beautiful lady who at the same time is also aware about the world affairs and the latest things happening in the world. Trust me this is going to be a major turn on for these guys as they are head over heels for woman who has beauty with brains.


A Capricorn guy will also appreciate the fact that you are very honest in your life and very dedicated towards anything you do. They like woman who are serious about their life and their future.


To attract this hunks, surprise them about your inner hobbies, like show him how good you are at cooking. Bake a cake for him and see how happy he becomes, show him how you can do skydiving and other adventurous stuff and he will just get more attracted towards you.


If you are not very pushy and you know how much space he needs. He will quickly appreciate your gesture and he will like you more. Be honest with your feelings with him though but at the same time don’t try to control his emotions.


If you manage to prove him that you are hard working and ambitious just like him. If you can show your originality and manage to appeal his inner senses. Then you are bound to win over their hearts and just see how they cling towards you like a magnet.



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