Gemini guys are considered to be one of the most intelligent and witty people you can ever come across. They are a blend of intelligence and fun and this makes them one of the best people to hang out with. As a result to get him attracted, make sure your intelligence level are matching to his as they will appreciate if the opposite sex they are spending time with is are as witty as him.


Gemini guys are also known to be one of the best people at conversations. Be it intellectual conversations, stimulating or sensual conversations, these guys are masters in conversing. You have to make sure you are good at interesting conversations and you are not plain and boring as this is one quality which will attract them a lot.


A Gemini guy is also very mysterious by nature. Hence you have to make sure you are also a bit tough for him to explore. You should be able to create an air of mystery around yourself as this is one of the major attractions for a Gemini guy.


A Woman should be a mix of class and intelligence to attract the senses of Gemini. These guys have their own choices and tend to be attracted towards them who are either more or at least equally as classy and intelligent as them.


A Gemini guy likes to do unusual things. they like exploring new things and new places as they are adventurous by nature. Hence to attract a Gemini, you have to be as sporty and adventurous as him to attract him.


A Gemini guy will also like a woman who is charming and witty by nature. They like woman who can lit up the surroundings by their sheer charm and presence. In fact this is one of the biggest qualities which attracts a Gemini man.


A Gemini guy will also appreciate the fact that a woman is communicative and expressive by nature rather than just being silent and hiding her emotions. These guys love to communicate and open up and you have to be just like them in this aspect.


Many Gemini guys are nerds but that does not mean they don’t like woman who are classy and well dressed. In fact a woman with a good dressing sense attracts them a lot.


One of the biggest attractions for a Gemini guy in a woman is if she is very knowledgeable and intelligent. It’s a major turn on for these guy if her girl is as well informed about the things happening around her, she is aware about the world affairs and more.


Last but not the least, A Gemini guy will always be attracted towards those women who are straightforward and expressive just like them. They like those woman who will tell them on your face what they feel.


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