A Leo man is full of courage, confidence and strength. So to impress these cubs you surely need to be a strong personality carrying a lot of confidence and positive approach. This qualities will attract them a lot. Basically if you are an alpha female. A Leo guy will get more attracted towards you.


Another way to attract these guys is to compliment them and shower them with admiration. Appreciating how strong their personality is or how handsome they are looking will melt them from inside. Its the best way to bring them closer to you.


Leo guys are a bit stubborn and aggressive at the same time due to their lion elements in their sun sign but you have to cope with it.You have to adjust yourself to his occasional shots of stubborness and aggressive behavior. He will appreciate the fact that you can understand him and his temper.


A Leo guy also loves to party and most of the time he is the center of attraction. He is dynamic and he stands out in the crowd so it is but natural for you to come under his eyes out of the crowd. You will literally need to stand out to get his attention. Sitting in a corner with a smart phone surely ain’t gonna help you.


A Leo is a witty and a very humorous personality. They are always up with good conversations and they have a good sense of humor. So if you are humorous and witty, it is surely going to add some brownie points for you to attract him.


A Leo man believes in long lasting love and deep values. So if you want to floor him, show him how you respect and believe in the institution of love. Make him know that love is a very important part of your life.


A Leo guy also believes in commitment and long term relationships, so if you want to attract him. You should probably make him know that you too are a fan of committed and long term relationships.


When it comes to loyalty, these lions are one of the most loyal creatures on earth. They will do anything to prove their loyalty. Hence you need to be loyal and never try to play with his feelings, hurt or ditch this guy. He will get very much attracted towards you if he finds you to be loyal and honest.


Sometimes a Leo guy won’t ask or express his love out of embarrassment or shyness. You have to be ready to make the first move if the situation demands and trust me they will be thankful and happy that you did the thing which they can’t and they will start loving you even more.


Last but not the least, Leo guys live life king size, they like good things in life. They like to splurge on luxuries and expensive things. Surprise him and gift him something really cool or take him out for a great dinner date. That is going to be a major attraction for him as he will realize you too are generous just like him.



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