A Libra guy is very energetic, charismatic and dynamic by nature. He is jovial and always surrounded by people. To attract this species, you have to be equally charming and energetic by nature. You should be jolly and should always be at your best as they are the ones who go for outer beauty first and then the inner beauty.


The first thing you need to do is to get their attention. Libra guys are total extroverts by nature, they socialize and party a lot. You need to catch his eye by being more attractive on all aspects than him as he will instantly fall for those types of woman. You should make sure you cross his path as much as possible.


Libra guys hang out a lot with different kinds of people. So its not going to help you if you are in the corner of a room sitting with your mobile and chatting. You also need to stand up and be the center of attraction, socialize and mix with people.


Libra guys are also the ones who dress well and always manage to look their best. They are well kept and attractive, hence they will totally like a woman who is always well dressed and always ends up looking gorgeous.


You also need to match his energy levels to be in sync with this guy because these guys look never tired and they are always beaming with energy. These guys are also very attracted to a woman who is as bubbly as them if not more.


Libra guys do like woman who are attractive. But that does not mean you have to be flashy or revealing in your way of appearance. Libra guys totally fall for woman who are blessed with elegance and class.


Libra guys also love woman who are not very egoistic or the ones who throw tantrums. They like woman who have a very well balanced and decent personality rather than messy one who is always confused or angry or egoistic.


Libras to some extent are a bit narcissistic by nature. So if you want to attract them you should allow them and give them the space to talk about themselves. A Libra guy will find this quality very comforting in a woman who allows him to speak and listen to his talks.


Libras are always well dressed, attractive and good looking. These charming guys will totally appreciate if you are complimenting him on how good he looks or how charming he is. He will totally melt on your compliments and will come more closer towards you.




Last but not the least, You should love to party and socialize and mix with people as these guys are basically the biggest social animals. Being an introvert is not going to help you out at all.






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