Sagittarius guys are adventurous, they like to explore new things, new places, new food and new people. So if you want to attract a Sagittarius guy, the first thing you need to start with is, you need to be flexible enough and open to change. You should always try something new as he will connect instantly with those people with whom he can connect.


One of the major turn-on’s for this guy is the girl who is a little mysterious and a little bit hard to get. They don’t like woman who are very much easy to read and understand, who are vulnerable. You need to open yourself to this guy in small parts and not together as it will make him more attracted towards you. He will be more interested to explore about you.


Well being a little bit mysterious is gonna help but also at the same time you have to be very honest with these guys. Its because these guys totally hate lies and it’s a turnoff for them if someone does. So never try to fake with these guys.


This guys like girls who are jolly, be a little bit playful and upbeat while you are with him. Soon you will notice how he will start liking your company and he will be more attracted towards you.


One more thing these guys have hots for is when the girls are a bit unpredictable by nature. That surely does not imply you should play hard to get. You just need to challenge them and their senses and make them feel how special you are to get. Always surprise him with your unpredictable nature by showing your new side every time you guys meet.


Now this is very important, if you want this guy, you should probably love travelling as these guys are adventure freaks and they love to travel a lot. You need to have your backpack ready anytime if you wanna be with these guys. Plus such type of woman with similar mindset will attract them a lot.


Sag Guys love to be a bit playful and flirty and hence you should know how to be a good flirt as it is a major turn on for these guys who can flirt with great sensuality and fun.


Make eye contacts, brush your hands against his, be playfully close without making others realize. Soon you will notice how he gets attracted towards you like a magnet. He likes such small gestures and it will go a long way with these guys.


Even though this is implied, but these guys are huge fans of woman who manage to look their best all the times. You should always be well dressed looking either sexy or classy or both as this is one of the major attractions for a Sag Guy.


Last but not the least, smell nice, dress well, be playful and naughty and also be a bit mysterious and unpredictable. Very soon, you will see this guys will cling towards you like a magnet.



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