A Scorpio man is full of passion, intense nature and loyalty. He talks more with his eyes than his mouth and he believes in love and long term relationships. So if you want to impress this guy make sure you are not the one-night stand girl or have those motives with this guys, as it will not work out.


Scorpio guys love to fall in love, they go deep once they fall in love and it become a very passionate affair, so you have to be very serious about the concept of falling in love plus you need to be as passionate and intense as this guy.


Scorpio guys also love woman who have a sense of mystery around them, who are hard to decode. Make sure you create an air of mystery around your guy and make him explore you. This is one of the major qualities which a Scorpio guy gets attracted to.


Scorpions are usually very honest by nature and they totally like someone who is also one the same page as him. So to attract these guys always be honest and upfront, don’t agree with them on everything, you can say whatever you have in your mind and they will appreciate it.


One of the best turn-ons for these guys is those woman who plays a little bit hard to get, like literally they get more attracted and aroused by a woman who will be a bit tough to get as they consider those woman to be highly sensual and attractive and they get a kick once they conquer them instead of getting them easily.


Scorpio man knows what he does, he makes his own decisions and he stands by it, he does not like someone trying to dominate or control him. He will not like those women who will tell her all the time what to do and what not to do.


If you want to floor this guy, make sure you floor him by your loyalty and commitment rather than your cleavage and curves as this guys totally love woman who are deeply loyal and fulfill and stay string to their commitments.


To attract a Scorpio, you should also be good at conversations, you should know how to talk, where to talk and what to talk and the right time to talk as they find this a very attractive quality in a woman.


Scorpio guys like woman who are elegant and classy rather than the ones who try to look sexy with those revealing outfits. They prefer class over hotness. So make sure you are looking classy and elegant.


Last but not the least you should be a woman of substance, you should be confident, have your own goals and desires and your own opinions and arguments.


-By Haineel Shah


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