A Virgo guy is an epitome of perfection. He likes everything perfect. Be it the way he dresses, be it his cleanliness or reaching somewhere on time or fulfilling the commitments. Hence the first thing you need to start with to attract this chaps is to start being disciplined or we can say a little bit perfect or well balanced in life.


If you are a woman who is always neat, tidy and clean whose house, whose bedroom, whose car everything is just spotless. Then a Virgo will instantly notice you as they are just like that. A woman who knows the value of perfection and even adheres to it in her life is going to be a major attraction for this guy.


A Virgo guy is very good at conversations. They are intellectual and they can go on talking for hours without feeling bored. Hence if you possess good conversational skills and even you can have an interesting conversation for hours with these guys, he will cling to you like a magnet.


A Virgo guy will appreciate if a woman is beauty with brains and if they are aware of the things happening in her surroundings and the world. They will totally get attracted to a woman like this as they like such sort of girls rather than those who are just flirty and sipping coffees with different guys.


Virgo guys will totally appreciate a woman for what she is instead of portraying a fake image. A woman who is original to what she is and who never fakes is one of the finest qualities through which you can impress and attract these Virgo guys.


A Virgo guy does not like over the top or mushy compliments. We can understand you want to praise your crush with compliments. But you have to be assured that you don’t go over the top or too much mushy with your compliments.


As these guys are perfectionists, they will appreciate a woman who is very much detail oriented and goes into the skin of the things to come to a practical and logical solution. This quality will attract him for sure.


Well, since these guys are always a fun to be with because of their wittiness and conversational skills. You also need to possess a dry wit for sure. You should be able to have a sense of humor while you engage in conversations with these guys.


A Virgo also likes a woman who is feminine, a well balanced personality who is sorted out and is a proper mix of girly and matured nature and it is going to attract him a lot.


You should also make sure that you are far away from landing up in emotional troubles or issues with these guys. Its because they don’t like to carry emotional baggage with themselves right from the starting of the friendship.


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