Aquarius people are smart, honest and practical and they are also the ones who appreciate the outer beauty as much as the inner one. So to attract this hunks you have to make sure that you stand out in the crowd. He will instantly notice you if you manage to do that.


Also one of the most important qualities to attract these guys is to be real, to be what you are. your originality will floor him to an extent you can’t imagine as he likes woman who are original, who don’t fake because this quality is soon becoming rare amongst woman.


These guys are extroverts and they mix with people very nicely. They have a lot of different type of friends and hence you need to cultivate the friendship and be patient with this guy. It takes time for him to have a friendship one-on-one with someone. If you try to understand that and give him space. He will surely appreciate this quality in you.


Aquarius guys are themselves very straightforward, honest and practical people in life. They will get attracted to a woman who is equally straightforward with him and always honest and practical towards him and their relationship. That’s a major attraction for this guy.


A stable and a very well balanced personality will also make you earn brownie points with this guy as they find such woman to be reliable and matured.


A woman who refuses to grow up and still acts like a little kid is not a major turn on for this guy. He likes mature woman who are well sorted out in their life rather than someone where they need to take care of them like their daughters.


An Aquarius guy loves commitments and he is a family guy. So you have to ensure that you too have those family values and make him know that you are also a fan of commitments and he will slowly come towards you.


An Aquarius guy will also like a woman who looks sexy. Presenting yourself with a great hair or a great dress while you meet is gonna floor him for sure. They like woman who are attractive from outside too and they don’t mind if your sexiness quotient is a little bit too high!


To get this guy, you need to give him lots of freedom and space right from the time when you guys start your friendship. Its because they don’t like someone who is clingy or someone trying to dominate or dictate them on what to do and what not to do.


Last but not the least, Aquarius guy loves surprises. Surprise him over by calling him at your place and preparing him his favorite dish. Give him a kiss from no where and see how he gets attracted towards you. You will notice he will be willing to spend more time with you.


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