An Aries man is full of confidence and swag and he is totally independent in his life. He makes his own decisions and he stands by it without thinking twice about what the world has to say. So if you want to attract an Aries guy, the first thing you can start with is become confident and independent in your life.


Aries guys also love woman who have their own opinions and way of life instead of living on their dad’s or their boyfriend’s way. They love woman who take their own decisions and don’t depend on others to move ahead.


To attract an Aries guy you should make sure that you look your best. You should look attractive most of the times. Aries guys get instantly attracted to woman who look gorgeous and give an effort to look good. Be it a hot one piece or a hot short or even your formals, if you look pretty in it, you will surely earn brownie points from these men as they find this quality to be sexy.


You also need to be a very good at conversations to attract an Aries guy. Aries guys are very talkative and they like woman who can talk. Woman with whom they can talk and that does not mean the bitchy talks but stimulating and engaging conversations is in fact one of the major turn-ons for these guy.


An Aries guy will also appreciate if the woman is down to earth and approachable. They are not huge fans of woman who make themselves unapproachable or the ones who have a lot of attitude. They totally fall for a woman who will be very approachable and down to earth even though they may be very hot and beautiful.


Aries guys are witty and humorous people. They love to laugh and also bring a smile on other people’s face. Similarly they will also like the same type of woman who is very witty and humorous. The one who can bring a smile on his face when he is bugged!


Aries guys will also totally fall for a woman who takes care of herself. Be it maintaining herself with a great body, doing regular exercises and walks, keeping diets etc. In short a woman who takes care of herself and strives to be healthy is what Aries guys totally get attracted to.


An Aries guy is an adventure freak, he loves to go outdoors, travel new places and do unusual things. A girl has to basically match his mental and physical abilities. She should be a sport to say yes to this guy if he suddenly asks you to go for a road trip or cycling!


Aries guys are totally loyal and die hard romantics by nature, so one of the most important things you need to have is loyalty. If you ever try to cheat or play games with this guy, you are going nowhere.


Last but not the least, a woman should be optimistic, high on life and have positive vibes to attract an Aries man. Its because they are like that and would expect their partner to be on the same page. Also these guys are animals in the bed and they like physical intimacy and sensuality, so if you are a sex goddess who can arouse any guy, then surely its an added advantage!



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